Best Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs

If your wheelchair makes you feel uncomfortable or confined, or if it feels like a constant struggle getting from one point to another with your wheelchair, then a bariatric heavy-duty wheelchair may just the solution for you. This distinct product’s design is to empower larger users with all the benefits provided by a regular wheelchair. Comfort and safety are of great importance. Crafted from either reinforced metal tubing or heavy duty PVC, bariatric heavy-duty wheelchairs are made to last and can accommodate users of up to 1000 pounds in weight. You can therefore rest assured that you have a strong wheelchair that will get you anywhere you need to be without the risk of breaking.

Bariatric Deluxe Sentra Heavy-Duty, Extra-Extra-Wide Wheelchair

For anyone who wishes to maintain their freedom, mobility plays an important factor. A heavy-duty wheelchair allows users to move around and maintain their independence. As a heavy-duty wheelchair user, you will be able to leave your home, visit friends or go shopping without compromising your safety or running the risk of being uncomfortable. Greater mobility results to enhanced social interaction. This is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life as well as good mental health.

  • Tapered footrests for user comfort
  • Extra-large, heavy-duty aluminum tapered foot plates for maximum support
  • Large and contoured plastic armrests for support and comfort
  • Precision sealed wheel bearings at the front or back to guarantee long lasting reliability and performance
  • Dual cross bars, cater journals and reinforced side frame
  • Additional heavy-duty front forks
  • Dual axle for easy conversion of seat to hemi-level
  • Durable reinforced nylon fabric
  • Powder coated silver vein frame
  • Reinforced steel gussets at all weight bearing points for extra strength

Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy-Duty Wide Wheelchair

Heavy-duty chairs do not just come with improved mobility. There also exists the possibility of increased security and comfort for users. The design of heavy-duty wheelchairs is in such a way that they can accommodate the increased size of a user as well as provide a comfortable experience for them. This is achievable due to the chair’s construction which takes into account both the weight and size of the user.

  • Standard hand rims
  • Swing-away footrests with tool free adjustable length riggings
  • No maintenance precision, sealed bearings
  • Urethane tires mounted on composite wheels provide durability and low maintenance
  • Double embossed vinyl upholstery that is durable, attractive , easy to clean and lightweight
  • Carbon Steel frame with triple-coated chrome for an appealing chip-proof finish
  • Eight inch front caters, adjustable in three positions

Bariatric Sentra Extra-Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

The backs and seats of heavy-duty wheelchairs have additional support and made from heavyweight fabric or vinyl material. They are larger than your regular wheelchair thus allowing users additional support and providing greater comfort. It is possible to tilt the backrest and seat in order to take into account a user’s center of gravity and to provide correct support where necessary.

  • Heavy-gauge and durable upholstery
  • Standard backrest carry pocket
  • Precision sealed wheel bearings in front and rear to guarantee dependability and performance
  • Push to lock wheel buttons
  • Composite Mag-style wheels with chrome hand rim that are lightweight and maintenance free.