How much do wheelchairs cost?

If you are wondering how much a wheelchair will cost you, we have put together the following list together of popular wheelchair types and what you can anticipate to pay for each one.

Power wheelchairs

These are wheelchairs designed for stability and utility. They are available in a wide range of seat widths, depths and heights. A lot of models offer armrest, leg rest and seating options. You get to control a power wheelchair using a joystick positioned on the armrest or choose from other control options. These wheelchairs normally have rear-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive and front-wheel drive capabilities. A power wheelchair typically goes for $1,200-$2,500 on average.

Standard wheelchairs

Most regular manual wheelchairs come in a sturdy steel frame. The seating measures between twenty and sixteen inches and is most of the time made of nylon material. Armrests can either be detachable or fixed, depending on the model of the wheelchair. On average, a standard wheelchair would cost you approximately $500.

Transport wheelchairs

This is a wheelchair that is ideal for companions who care for wheelchair users. These wheelchair models make it easier for a companion to assist the user. With features such as swing-away leg rests, armrests and fixed side panels, the user is able to enter and exit the wheelchair effortlessly. A transport wheelchair goes for $100-$300.

Ergonomic wheelchairs

The aim of these wheelchairs is to provide users with improved stability and better weight dissemination. These two features reduce the risk of pressure sores and spinal injury. Ergonomic wheelchairs are easy to fold and store due to their lightweight frame and they are strong as well. An ergonomic wheelchair will cost you $500-$1,895.

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs are easy to fold and store in miniature places. They are made of aluminum and steel alloy which makes the wheelchair weigh below thirty pounds. They have ergonomic seating for relaxation and stability. These wheelchairs come in an array of colors and designs. The average cost of an ultra-lightweight wheelchair is $700-$1,995.

Reclining wheelchairs

Manufacturers of recliner wheelchairs specifically craft and design them to facilitate the safe and comfortable reclining at different angles. People suffering from severe hip extension contractures and orthostatic hypotension benefit from reclining wheelchairs the most. A recliner costs $3oo-$800 on average.

Lightweight wheelchairs

Manufacturers of lightweight wheelchairs designed them with the aim of providing easy to fold and portable options compared to the standard wheelchair. Seat widths often range from fourteen to thirty inches and can accommodate persons up to a maximum weight of 550 pounds. A lightweight wheelchair will normally have a durable frame made out of aluminum or steel, or a combination of both in order to achieve the lightweight feel. A lightweight wheelchair costs $150-$3,500.

Pediatric wheelchairs

These are wheelchairs designed particularly for children and people with petite body frames. Pediatric wheelchairs are popular due to the advantageous health reasons they have such as improved circulation. Another useful feature includes the option of having the child control the power wheelchair or the caregiver take control. This type of chair costs $150-$1,500.