Top 5 Wheelchairs for seniors

It is obvious that senior citizen’s needs differ from those of other citizens. That is why they need to have extra comfortable wheel chairs with good wheel quality. This is for the purpose of easier movement and comfort. Wheelchairs for seniors need to have comfortable seats designed in a way to benefit users. To get the best, simply check the products we offer. Here is a list of our top five wheel chairs ideal for the elderly.

Viper Plus GT Wheelchair

Aside from our exclusive products, there are several others that meet the precise requirements of the elderly. This wheelchair is ideal for senior citizens because of the following features.

  • In-built seat rail additions and extendable fabric which easily adjusts seat depth.
  • Has portable footrests and padded armrests
  • Foldable and rotatable
  • Allows for setting of different seat to floor positions for the comfort of user
  • Made of material that provides supplementary strength and shock tolerance for the elderly

Aluminum Transport Chair

This wheelchair can be one of the perfect choices for people of all ages including elders, teens and adults. However, this aluminum chair is just the perfect fit for seniors because of the following features.

  • An ideal wheelchair to provide additional comfort for the elderly
  • Can be folded in order to facilitate storing and carrying
  • Has a seat designed to be extra comfortable for the relief and ease of the elderly
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum which weighs about 32 pounds
  • Comprises of large rear wheels and handbrakes for the convenience of the user

Pediatric Viper Plus Reclining Wheelchair

Although this wheelchair is especially for children, it can be ideal for the elderly as well due to the comparable feature requirements.

  • High-tech hydraulic reclining tool
  • Padded flip-back detachable desk armrests
  • A little bit of extra height for the purpose of providing additional back support
  • Equalizer rear wheels position to provide additional stability and evenly distribute user’s weight in all reclining positions
  • Sturdy and lightweight fused footplates

22” Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair

When it comes to the elderly, generally any wheelchair with padding or cushioning is welcome as it provides additional comfort. This aluminum made wheelchair is suitable for the elderly for a number of reasons.

  • Comes with a seat belt
  • Padded armrests for extra comfort
  • Back folds to facilitate storage
  • Hand wheel lock to prevent accidents
  • Detachable push bar with padded foam grip

Bariatric Sentra Extra-Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

This is a ready-made product for the elderly and among the best from our list. Get this heavy-duty wheelchair which is just the perfect fit for the elderly. It is extra comfortable and comes with several comfort features.

  • Secure steel gussets at all weight bearing points to provide extra support for the elderly
  • Comes with a regular carry pocket on the backrest
  • Padded armrests for extra support for the elderly
  • Push-to-lock wheel locks for convenience of user
  • Swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests with tool free bendable length pulleys

Therefore, this is the list of our top five wheelchairs suitable for senior citizens. For more of these products, visit our website.