Bariatric Deluxe Sentra Heavy-Duty, Extra-Extra-Wide Wheelchair


  • Powder-coated silver vein frame.
  • Reinforced steel gussets at all weight bearing points provide additional strength.
  • Durable reinforced nylon upholstery.
  • Steel, Mag-style wheels are strong and maintenance free.
  • Heavy-duty, flat-free 8″ front casters are adjustable in two positions.
  • Extra-heavy-duty front forks.
  • Dual axle provides easy transition of seat to hemi-level.
  • Reinforced side frame, caster journals and dual cross bars.
  • Precision sealed wheel bearings in front and rear ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Extra-large, contoured plastic armrests provide comfort and support.
  • Riggings have extra-large, heavy-duty, aluminum tapered foot plates that provide maximum support, are attractive and crack proof. (Must be ordered separately)
  • Footrests are tapered for comfort.
  • Comes with push-to-lock wheel locks.
  • Weight Capacity 700 lbs.


Item # Seat Width Armrest Product Front Riggings HCPCS* UOM
STD26DDA Select 26″ Detachable Desk Arm Riggings Sold Separately K0007+E2202 1/cs
STD26DFA Select 26″ Detachable Full Arm Riggings Sold Separately K0007+E2202 1/cs
STD28DDA Select 28″ Detachable Desk Arm Riggings Sold Separately K0007+K0108 1/cs
STD30DDA Select 30″ Detachable Desk Arm Riggings Sold Separately K0007+K0108 1/cs
STD30DFA Select 30″ Detachable Full Arm Riggings Sold Separately K0007+K0108 1/cs


Front Riggings

Item # Description UOM
HDSF Select Aluminum Foot plate 1/pr
HDELR Select ELR Set, HD 1/pr

Anti Tippers

Item # Description UOM
STDS829 Select Anti-Tippers With Wheels, Chrome 1/pr

Bariatric Seat Belts

Item # Description UOM
STDS855 Select Seat Belts, Auto-Clasp Type Closure, Bariatric 1/ea
STDS856 Select Seat Belts, Hook and Loop Fastener Type Closure, Bariatric 1/ea

Heel Loops

Item # Description UOM
STDS831 Select Heel Loops 1/bx

Wheel Lock Extensions

Item # Description UOM
STDS801 Select Wheel Lock Extension 1/ea

Wheelchair Cane/Crutch Holder

Item # Description UOM
STDS1034 Select Wheelchair Cane/Crutch Holder 1/ea

Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder

Item # Description UOM
STDS803 Select Universal Oxygen “E” Cylinder Holder 1/ea


Width Open with 26″ Seat 35″
Width Open with 28″ Seat 37″
Width Open with 30″ Seat 39″
Width Closed 14.5″
Height 38″
Seat-To-Floor Height 17″ – 19″
Back Height 16″
Seat Depth 20″
Length with Riggings 47″
Product Weight with 26″ Seat 87 lbs.
Product Weight with 28″ Seat 88 lbs.
Product Weight with 30″ Seat 89 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 26″ Seat 102 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 28″ Seat 103 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 30″ Seat 104 lbs.
Weight Limit 700 lbs.
Warranty Limited Lifetime




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Parts for Bariatric Deluxe Sentra Heavy-Duty, Extra-Extra-Wide Wheelchair


Diagram Number Part Description Part Number
1 Select Back upholstery 26″ STDS2389BLK
1 Select Back upholstery 28″ STDS2391BLK
2 Select Handgrip STDS871
4 Select Wheel assembly STDS1076
5 Select Rear bearing hub cap STDS2A5301
6 Select Rear axle bolt & nut STDS2A5302
7 Select Rear wheel bearing STDS2A5303
8 Select tipping sleeve STDS4020
9 Select Handrail, Chrome STDS2A5310
10 Select Handrail screw and spacer STDS2A5311
11 Select Caster and fork STDS1077
11 Select Caster only STDS2A5320
12 Select Fork only STDS2A5321
13 Select cross brace bolt STDS001061
14 Select Crossframe 26″ STDS2A5326
14 Select Crossframe 28″ STDS2A5328
14 Select Crossframe 30″ STDS2A5330
15 Select Front axle bolt & nut STDS2A5304
16 Select Front caster bearings STDS2055
17 Select Fork stem bearings STDS2050
18 Select Lock nut for fork STDS2A5316
19 Select Dust cap for fork STDS2A5323
21 Select Arm release lever STDS2A5337
22 Select Seat upholstery 26″ STDS2388BLK
22 Select Seat upholstery 28″ STDS2390BLK
22 Select Seat upholstery 30″ STDS2392BLK
23 Select Upholstery screw STDS2A5300
24 Select Arm rest assm. Right STDSHDDDAR
24 Select Arm rest assm. Left STDSHDDDAL
24a Select Arm rest pad, desk length STDS2A5333
24a Select Arm rest pad, Full length STDS2A5331
24b Select Arm rest pad bolts STDS2A5334
24d Select Arm rest pad, foam STDS2A5336
25 Select Seat rail saddle STDS4058
26 Select Crossframe assist 26″ STDS2A5306
26 Select Crossframe assist 28″ STDS2A5308
26 Select Crossframe assist 30″ STDS2A5350
27 Select Brake assm. Right STDS4032R
27 Select Brake assm. Left STDS4032L
27a Select rubber tip STDS4011
28 Select Frame bumper STDS000026
30 Select ELR adjustment lever (right) STDS2A536R
30 Select ELR adjustment lever (left) STDS2A536L
33 Select Footplate right STDS2A5351
33 Select Footplate left STDS2A5353
34 Select Footrest Bumper STDS1026
35 Select Calf pad, Nylon, Black STDS2007HD
36 Select Side Frame Right STDS2A531R
36 Select Side Frame Left STDS2A531L
Select Back upholstery 30″ STDS2393BLK’


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